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We offer balancing and relaxing wellness activities and treatments for your holiday, for both individual travellers and bigger groups. Check out our treatments and wellness activities below!

Breathe in the greenness

Let the forest balance and revitalize your mind and body. All our activities are soft and suitable for everyone. 

A moment to relax

Give yourself a moment to enjoy our treatments. Relax to the sounds of tibetan singing bowls or the beat of the drum and enjoy a soft yoga session and herbal treatments in the warmth of the Finnish sauna.

Wild herb courses

On our wild herb courses you will learn about Finnish wild herbs and their healing properties. You will learn to prepare natural and safe skin care products such as creams, herbal oils and bath products.

Winter activities

Koli gets a lot of snow during winter time and there is a lot of winter activities you can choose from. Koli has one of the longest lit skiing tracks in Finland: it’s 25 km long and you will find it only 500 m from Mattila yard. You will find up-to-date information on the skiing tracks here. It’s possible to go downhill skiing on Koli slopes and ice-skating on a skating track next to the ice road on lake Pielinen. Snowshoe walking is a trendy winter activity nowadays: on snowshoes you can basically walk anywhere and experience the magic of the wintry forest! If you need to rent winter equipment, you can ask for more information at Nature Centre Ukko or Koli Active.