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Herbal sauna treatments

Herbal sauna is a relaxing experience for all the senses. We will begin by softening up the body with simple movements based on sauna yoga while enjoying the mild warmth of the sauna, the sound of the fire and the scent of essential oils. You will be taken care of by the hostess of Kolin Keidas, Marianne Ruhanen. You will be enjoying a herbal foot bath made from herbs and flowers that grow on Mattila yard. For natural skin care, there is a face scrub and a mask made from natural ingredients and healing wild herbs. For natural hair care, there is a herbal hair rinse made from mint and birch leaves. After the sauna you will be enjoying a cup of strengthening herbal tea with homemade raw chocolate.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: 40€ / pers.
Group size:
5 – 8 pers.