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Mattila Farm

Get to know the host, the hostess and the animals on Mattila farm! We warmly welcome you to our guesthouse close to nature.

The host of Mattila farm is Joona Sarisalmi who you will most likely meet in the garden. His passion is to work in the garden, walk in the forest and improve his self-knowledge. Joona describes himself a pathological optimist. He hopes that our guests could find similar kind of passion towards life than he himself has found while strolling in the woods of the national park.

The hostess of the farm is Marianne Ruhanen who enjoys tranquility of nature, company of animals, relaxing activities and baking. She enjoys hearing about people’s life experiences. She wants to offer the guests a good night’s sleep, enjoyable moments in nature and fresh flavors in the café.

The dog of the farm, Kiti, is a five-year-old cross-breed dog that loves to bite logs of wood, roll in the snow and have her belly scratched. Kiti is quite clear about her territory and that’s why she loves to bark, but she shows her affection quickly as long as she gets to know you! In the summer time we even have chicken and a rooster and traditional Finnish cows herding.

The History of Mattila Farm

The history of Mattila farm goes back to the 18th century when Koli first was inhabited. Since then the farm has served as a boarding house for travellers, a garden for the local school, a camp for Olympic athletes and a meeting place for artists in Koli – the landscapes of which have inspired artists such as Eero Järnefelt, Juhani Aho and Jean Sibelius.