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B&B Kolin Keidas

An Eco-friendly Stay in Koli National Park

Bed & Breakfast ∗ Café Mandala ∗ Wellness Activities ∗ Writer’s Residency

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Enjoy the Simplicity of Nature

Welcome to stay at our cozy guesthouse in Koli National Park, situated next to the amazing lakeland scenery with hilly forests and crystal clear lakes. We offer you an authentic eco-friendly accommodation experience in the Finnish countryside style, accompanied with tasty organic food, closeness to nature and traditional lifestyle on the historical Mattila farm.

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Colourful and Local Ingredients

Café Mandala serves travellers and trekkers with tasty and colourful home-made and vegetarian-friendly food. All our products are hand-made from fresh ingredients. Stop for a tasty vegetarian lunch or enjoy a cup of organic coffee in our beautiful garden!

Wellbeing for the Mind and the Body

It is easy to tune in to the same tranquil wave length with nature at our guesthouse. We offer various wellness activities for your holiday, for example forest mindfulness, relaxation with tibetan bowls and herbal treatments in the sauna.

Get Inspired by the Wild Lakeland Scenery

The landscapes of Koli have been an inspiration for many Finnish artists and authors since decades. Our writer’s residency offers authors, playwrights, screenwriters or researchers a possibility to focus on their work in a peaceful surroundings.