Café Mandala

Café Mandala serves organic and vegetarian food accompanied with products from our own garden. Try out our organic breakfast and tasty soups or enjoy a cup of coffee with a slice of raw cake or a fresh cinnamon bun!


Summer Café Mandala serves hungry travellers with delicious home-made food and pastries: our speciality is tasty vegetarian food with a both local and exotic twist. All our products are hand-made from the beginning. Our desire is to offer you food that brings wellbeing for both the body and the soul – and feast for the eye. Come and enjoy our ecological breakfast or sit down for a cup of ecological coffee and a slice of raw cake or a traditional cinnamon roll! Lunch is served every day according to opening hours. Dinner is available by request.

We use ecological and local products together with products from our own garden according to availability and the season. In  the summer our breakfast and lunch is accompanied by fresh ingredients such as lettuce, herbs and other vegetables straight from our garden.

Special diets are not a problem for us – let us know beforehand about your special diet so we can serve you better!



Café Mandala is closed for the summer. Dinner requests one day beforehand. Welcome!



We use only the best ingredients in our organic breakfast. Everything is hand-made, the breakfast rolls are served hot straight from the oven and the porridge is prepared with lots of time and a hint of Ceylon cinnamon and coconut oil. In the summer time we use a lot of wild and other herbs from our garden. Our breakfast is available by request even for those who are not staying at our B&B.

  • ecological oat porridge, sweet berry soup, seeds and nuts, müsli, ecological yoghurt, smoothie shot, fresh breakfast rolls, herb and garlic butter, ecological gouda cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, ecological eggs, ecological coffee or tea, biscuit


Available by request even outside opening hours. All of our vegetarian soups are vegan-friendly and some are even gluten free.

  • lunch soup, house bread, herb and garlic butter, lunch salad, coffee/ tea + biscuit

We serve daily one of the following lunch options:

Peanut and sweet potato soup
Beetroot soup
Zucchini soup with mangoldi (available in the summer)
Creamy tomato soup
Carrot soup with ginger
Butternut pumpkin soup
Cauliflower soup with fennel
Spinach soup/ Nettle soup
Vegetable seljanka
Red lentil soup
Green lentil soup
Pikeperch soup