Are you looking for some balancing activities on your holiday? Try out sauna yoga in the traditional wooden heated sauna or experience the Finnish smoke sauna while enjoying a summer night by lake Pielinen. Or do you wish to see the Finnish national landscape? Take a tour around the Koli hills and hear about the local legends. Check out our activities below!


We offer the following guided activities in English, both for individual travellers and groups:



Koli Through Stories – Guided Tour around Koli Hills


On this guided tour we will get a closer look at the highest hills of Koli; the feminine Akka, the masculine Ukko and the “evil” Paha-Koli. You will hear some old stories and legends related with Koli, learn about the national park and have the chance to see one of the most beautiful landscapes in Finland. Length of the tour: less than 1 km.

Duration 1 hour. 20€/ person



Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a gentle and soft form of yoga that is suitable for people of all ages and all physical condition. Hatha yoga practice aims to calm down the mind, create more focus and strenghten the body. We will also focus on deepening our natural breathing and the body-mind-connection. The class ends in relaxation. Equipment: yoga mat and water bottle.

Duration 1 hour. Price: 20€/ person.Min. amount of participants: 3 pers.


Sauna Yoga & Healing

Sauna is traditionally considered to be a healing place in the Finnish culture. The warmth of the sauna relaxes the muscles, gives boost to the blood circulation and – most of all – calms down your mind. In sauna yoga we will do some yoga-based simple asanas and stretching together with breathing exercises and finally a relaxation. At the end of the session, a relaxing foot bath made from wild herbs that grow on Mattila yard. Sauna yoga class is held in the traditional wooden-heated sauna on Mattila yard.

Duration 1 hour. 20€/ person (incl. heating of the sauna).
Max. size of the group: 5 pers.


Forest Yoga

In the forest it is easy to tune in to the same tranquil wave length with nature. In forest yoga we will be heading to the “yoga rock” of Paha-Koli and do simple hatha-based yoga asanas both standing and sitting, enjoying the cool breeze from lake Pielinen, the sounds of birds and the tranquility of the forest.  We will also focus on deepening our natural breathing and the body-mind-connection. We will finish in a relaxation. Equipment: yoga mat and water bottle.

Duration 1 hour + walking to Paha-Koli and back (25 min). Price: 20€/ person. Min. amount of participants: 3 pers.





Koli gets a lot of snow during winter time and there is a lot of winter activities you can choose from. Koli has one of the longest lit skiing tracks in Finland: it’s 25 km long and you will find it only 500 m from Mattila yard. You will find up-to-date information on the skiing tracks here. It’s possible to go downhill skiing on Koli slopes and ice-skating on a skating track next to the ice road on lake Pielinen. Snowshoe walking is a trendy winter activity nowadays: on snowshoes you can basically walk anywhere and experience the magic of the wintry forest! If you need to rent winter equipment, you can ask for more information at Nature Centre Ukko or Koli Activ.